Other Resources

Other Resources


Putting Them on the Map: Mapping the Agents of the Colored Co-operative Publishing Company

This digital project, directed by Alisha Knight, maps the locations of the agents of the Colored Co-operative Publishing Company between June 1900 and June 1901, the period of its most rapid growth.

Digitization of the New Era Magazine

The Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins Society web site hosts a digitization of the complete run of the short-lived New Era Magazine, which Hopkins edited and published from February to March 1916.

Inspired Borrowings: Pauline Hopkins’s Literary Appropriations

Hosted by the Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins Society web site, this project, directed by JoAnn Pavletich, traces the sources of unattributed textual borrowings in Hopkins’s serial novels.

HathiTrust digitization of the Colored American Magazine 

The HathiTrust digitization of the Colored American derives from a reprint of bound volumes of the magazine. While the scans are not in color and often illegible, and while many cover pages and advertising pages are missing, this edition includes issues currently absent from The Digital Colored American Magazine.