The Digital Colored American Magazine

The Digital Colored American Magazine


Edited in its early years by Pauline Hopkins and later managed by associates of Booker T. Washington, the Colored American Magazine (1900-1909) was among the most important early twentieth-century American periodicals and among the first general magazines addressed to a middle-class African American readership.

“The Home of the Colored American Magazine,” Colored American Magazine, January-February 1902.

The Digital Colored American Magazine makes freely available full-color reproductions of unbound issues of this important periodical, with scholarly commentary on selected issues.  For more information about the aims of this project, see our About page.

Issues of the Colored American Magazine digitized for this project belong to the James Weldon Johnson Memorial Collection in the Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library and were photographed by the Beinecke’s digital imaging studio.



Commentary on July 1902 issue by by JoAnn Pavletich, University of Houston-Downtown (1/18)

Commentary on August 1900 issue by Hanna Wallinger, University of Salzburg (9/17)

Commentary on November 1901 issue by Lucy Caplan, Yale University (8/17)

A new page listing related digital resources, including Alisha Knight’s new digital project mapping locations of agents of the Colored Co-operative Publishing Company (8/17)

A newly searchable version of the January-February 1902 double-issue; this notable issue of the magazine includes a biography of Harriet Tubman written by Pauline Hopkins, the penultimate installment of Hopkins’s serial novel Hagar’s Daughter, and photographs of the magazine’s home office in Boston (7/17)

Commentary on June 1900 issue by Alisha Knight, Washington College (7/17)

Commentary on August 1901 issue by John Cullen Gruesser, Kean University (6/17)

Commentary on March 1903 issue by Eurie Dahn, The College of Saint Rose (4/17)

Commentary on October 1900 issue by Brian Sweeney, The College of Saint Rose (4/17)

Site launch with 35 digitized issues of the Colored American Magazine, including searchable versions of five issues: October 1900, May 1901, October 1901, January 1903, and March 1903 (4/17)



Eurie Dahn, Associate Professor of English, The College of Saint Rose

Brian Sweeney, Associate Professor of English, The College of Saint Rose


Graduate Assistants

Ben Atwood

Robert J. Stoddard


Project Consultants

Melissa Barton, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University

David Seiler, Skidmore College


The directors gratefully acknowledge the support of the office of the Dean of Arts and Humanities at The College of Saint Rose. In addition, work on this project was supported by fellowships from the Center for Citizenship, Race, and Ethnicity Studies at The College of Saint Rose.





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